final ; voice ; filtered to the Convoy ; unhackable ; posted from Prime's internal computer
you're wondering who I am
[The post is kind of staticky. Prime's voice is hurried, anxious -- and pained.]

Everyone, get to the ship! That's an order! And once you do -- take off! Get out of here, I'll hold Bradley off as long as I can --

[There's a shriek of metal on metal, scraping and twisting, accompanied by even more static. A few shots from Prime's laser rifle are heard next.]

You don't have much time. Go!

[Sounds of battle for a second more, then the post cuts off abruptly.]

thirty-first ; filtered to the Convoy ; voice ; unhackable
I'm not a savior
Now that that oversized turboworm's taken care of, I want all hands back on the ship immediately. We're headed south again, to see if we can't stop some of those monster attacks at the eastern end of the mountains, and lend the victims a hand.

It's not over yet. Helmsmen, set a course for Shashta. Roll out!

Thirtieth ; voice ; filtered to the Convoy ; unhackable ; posted the day after Amicus
my blood is boiling
Crew, we're going out to search for survivors. Pilots, I want you to head for the Vohemaro side of the gap. The rest of us will take the larger eastern edge. Bring anyone you find to the Convoy, and be back by nightfall. Don't take any chances -- we don't know what the air currents out there are like yet, and I don't want any of you stranded. Radio ops, keep us in contact with everyone.

I'll be heading southeast as soon as the sun comes up.

Prime out.

[OOC: The Convoy is parked between the eastern edge of the Badlands mountains and where Antrim used to be. As a refresher, the modified map is here. You're welcome to find a few survivors stranded along the edge, about 10-20 in all. If anyone wants to log this out, that's fine; otherwise, feel free to report discoveries over journal network posts or radio transmissions.]

Twenty-ninth ; voice ; filtered to the Convoy and Mal Reynolds ; posted at 1:34 a.m.
so if you see me

We've been blown off-course! I'm afraid...we're too late. We weren't fast enough--! Blast! Jade...I'm so sorry.

...I'm taking us there anyway. I need to see what's happened with my own two eyes. I can only hope...the rest of the continent stays intact. What kind of slag-sucking piece of scrap would do this to their own continent?!

[Anyone on the Convoy would have felt a shockwave hit the ship, stopping it in its tracks and blasting it backwards. The ship itself is unharmed, but things might have been jumbled around the cabins/kitchens/record-rooms if they're not tied down.]

Twenty-eighth ; Convoy filter ; voice ; unhackable
my blood is boiling
Attention, Convoy crew: the Rahki River target is safe. Good work.

Nahk crew, as soon as your target is secure, I need you to fly to the Bydan location. Captain Reynolds' men will delay the ritual as long as they can, but they need backup, and you're the only ones with any hope of reaching them in time. Good luck.

The rest of you, strap yourselves in--I'm taking control of the ship and taking us to Hegua Lake at top speed. If the timing on this captive is anything to go by, we have five hours before the southern location goes up in smoke. With a good tailwind and a bit of luck, we just might make it.

Hang on tight.

twenty-seventh ; voice ; various filters ; unhackable
I'm not a savior
[filtered to the Convoy]

For those of you who don't speak Cybertronian, Bumblebee just radioed in with a report. Our target is in a valley on the other side of the Xialknot Pass, guarded by eight satyrs. Three are on the lookout. The other five are dancing around the prisoner, performing some sort of ritual, a ritual building up enough energy to shake the foundations of the continent itself. According to Bumblebee's scanners, the buildup is coming from the captured human. If we stop the ritual, we stop the energy. We have several hours before it reaches critical mass, but if we want to rescue the one in the southernmost location, we don't have a moment to lose.

We should reach the pass within the next twenty minutes. Helmsmen, take us down in the ruins on the west side of the pass, but keep the engines warm -- we might need to make a quick getaway.

Pilots, you'll be flying as many people as you can over the pass as well as providing air support, if you feel you can fight without hitting us or the captured target. Those going with them, assemble in the hangar. The rest will be going on land, myself included. I can take a few people with me. I won't be as quick as the pilots, but we'll get there.

Don't attack right away -- the last thing we need is the satyrs picking us off one by one. We'll rendezvous at Bumblebee's location. The signal to attack will be a shot from my laser rifle.

Remember, our first priority is to rescue the human and stop the energy. Once the ritual is interrupted and the captive is safe and sound, then we worry about the satyrs. We still don't know how strong they are, so don't be afraid to pull out once we have our target.

Be ready to roll out as soon as we land.


[filtered to Mal]

Captain Reynolds, we've reached the Rahki River location. Our scout reports eight satyrs: three on guard, five performing some kind of dance around the target. The target itself is tied to a dais in the center, covered in glyphs. The source of the energy appears to be the captive itself. According to our calculations, we have several hours before this one reaches its critical mass. We plan to attack as soon as possible. If we finish the operation fast, we may have time to reach the one in the south.

What's your situation?


twenty-sixth ; voice ; various filters ; unhackable
my blood is boiling
[filtered to the Convoy]

I've made my decision. Iroh,'re right. I'm keeping the crew together for the most part as long as I can. We're headed for the Rahki River as quickly as possible. Once we're there, we'll have an idea of what we'll find at the other two mainland locations.

That said, I'm worried about Nahk. It's the one location that isn't along the fault line. They must have some other reason for stationing a hostage there, and I'm sending a team to investigate. Sara, Miss Fang -- I want you to take Brooklyn, Sam and Angua to Nahk. Be prepared for battle.

Same goes for the rest of you. Sam gave us some information about what we'll probably be facing. Magic users, be careful -- your spells won't work as well. Once the target is rescued, stand by for further orders. We'll decide what to do about the north and south captives when we know what we're fighting.

Any questions?


[filtered to Captain Mal]

I am the captain of the Convoy. I hear you've picked up an unusual piece of technology.


Twenty-fifth ; voice ; filtered to the Convoy crew ; unhackable
my blood is boiling
You heard the lady. We have a day to get her friends back, and not much time to plan our rescue.

Unless someone has a better idea, I want all the planes fueled and ready to go. The main ship will make for the closest captive. The lighter, faster planes will make for the other three. I need pilots...and volunteers to go with them. I think it's safe to say that the kidnappers will be present, so be ready for battle.

Twenty-fourth ; voice ; filtered to Convoy crew ; unhackable
I'm just a man
[Though he's doing a damn good job of disguising it, there's still tension in Prime's voice as he addresses the crew -- ]

All right, we're here. Technology masters and mechanics? There are a few parts of the ship that feel...tampered with, like someone's been in there and didn't put it back together right. I'd like you to check it out. You'll be working shifts, so you should have plenty of time to get out into the city, and after the problem areas have been cleared up, you're free to go. The rest of you, you're on shore leave until further notice.

Prime out.

Twenty-third ; voice ; filtered to the Convoy
and somewhere to hide
I've checked and double-checked Antrim. No sign of any fog, any monsters...or children. She's long gone -- if she was even here at all.

[heavy sigh]

Quartermasters, make sure everyone is accounted for. No one is getting left behind in a place like this.


...I'm sorry I brought you here. I put all of you into danger. We are only lucky there were no casualties.


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